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Meet Rivet’s Rosie

At Rivet, we’ve fondly named our in-platform assistant “Rosie.” She’s inspired by the famous Riveter campaign for working women. She behaves as Rivet’s in-app digital assistant, like Rosie from the Jetson’s. In the future, she’ll help Rivet users predict trends and send reminders. 

Rivet Work announces fundraising partners

We have exciting news! We’ve closed our first funding round, supporting our journey to build workforce and job management tools for the skilled trades. Sharing our supporters is meaningful to us, because we have an incredible roster of organizations behind our cause, energizing our commitment to bringing the skill trades into the digital era.

How to transition to a digital headquarters

Where should you start if you’ve created a Rivet account for your business?

This guide can help you ease your organization into new digital workflows without disrupting your team. Considering so many field teams today haven’t used digital tools before, it’s important to take small, intentional steps toward change.

Tools for trades, old and new

At Rivet, we believe all workers need the right tools to be successful on the job. We also believe digital tools can be as critical as timeless mechanical tools like pliers, screwdrivers and tape measures. Now more than ever, workers are mobile, remote and social distancing, in need of tools to stay connected. Here’s a round-up of the Rivet teams’ useful tool recommendations, old and new, offline and online.