At Rivet, we believe all workers need the right tools to be successful on the job. We also believe digital tools can be as critical as timeless mechanical tools like pliers, screwdrivers and tape measures. Now more than ever, workers are mobile, remote and social distancing, in need of tools to stay connected. Here’s a round-up of the Rivet teams’ useful tool recommendations, old and new, offline and online.

You’ve heard about the City of Detroit; a boom-bust town, and maybe more recently the comeback city? But, like many post-industrial cities, Detroit is very economically segregated, and a booming economy really hasn’t changed that. This divide between the rich and the poor isn’t unique to Detroit; its nationwide – and it’s getting worse. Despite record unemployment, the inequality gap between the rich and the poor continues to rise. Since 1980, the bottom 50% of earners share of total US household income has dropped from >20% to less than 15%, while the top 1% has increased from around 11% to >20%. Tens of millions of workers don’t earn a living wage, yet there are millions of open, high paying skilled trade positions unfilled, and millions more skilled office jobs unfilled. There is a supply-demand problem in skills, and our goal is to fix that.