How to transition to a digital headquarters

A guide for bringing your jobs and workers online

Where should you start if you’ve created a Rivet account for your business?

This guide can help you ease your organization into new digital workflows without disrupting your team. Considering so many field teams today haven’t used digital tools before, it’s important to take small, intentional steps toward change.

Here are steps for transitioning your business and team to Rivet:

1 Start by adding your jobs

Adding your jobs is simple with minimal required fields. Once your jobs list is populated, you can view your jobs pipeline on a Kanban board. The board is set with default statuses that you can customize. As a staff-level user, spend time in the platform looking at the jobs list, jobs pipeline, and job home pages to get familiar.

When it’s time to add details or track updates to jobs, start using Rivet for this. This is your first step toward transitioning online.

2 Add other staff-level users

Add other staff members to your Rivet account. We define staff users as those who are in office or management roles. This includes project managers and schedulers.

  • Assign your project managers to specific jobs, where they can start making changes and updates directly
  • Review your jobs pipeline with your staff
  • Use the task list feature to add tasks to each job

Taking this step helps get your entire staff transitioned to jobs management online.

Manage Org Staff Users

3 Invite your foreman or crew leaders

Add your foreman or crew leaders to your workforce in the Rivet platform before your entire workforce. Assign your foreman a new job in the platform. Be sure to turn on notifications so you can communicate with your foreman in the field going forward.

For the length of an entire job, you and the foreman should commit to updating and communicating in the platform:

  • You can send push notifications to your foreman with critical information, that also create a record of the message in the job feed
  • Ask your foreman to talk about the platform with workers in the field so they know it’s coming

By bringing foremen and crew leaders online first, they become trained users who can support field workers using the Rivet platform later on.

Foreman can post updates to the Job Feed.

Foreman Check In

Foreman can check-in workers to record daily attendance.

Worker Check in

Foreman can check off completed tasks in the field.

Task list

4You’re ready to bring your workforce online

Adding your workers is simple with minimal required fields. Only staff-level users can add workers to your Rivet account.

You can notify workers with a Rivet text message that they’ve been added by sending them individual invitations from the workforce table, or by assigning them to a job where they’ll be notified automatically.

  • Workers can check-in for work if they are assigned to a job
  • Workers can check off tasks as they are complete in the field

Encourage your workforce to use Rivet by posting daily updates in the job feeds so they know where to find information regularly.

Workers add a password to complete registration.

Worker password

Workers can review and update their profiles.

Workers can post to a job site feed, including pictures.

Upload image

Trying Rivet for your business is free

We’re looking for contracting businesses willing to pilot our free-trial of the Rivet platform, to give feedback so we can ensure it creates real, measurable value. We’ll make it easy for you to manage your workforce and jobs.

    I represent a contractor business with multiple workers and job sites.