New this week: Jobs Pipeline, Mobile Foreman

This week’s feature releases help staff level users get a high-level view of jobs with a kanban-style visual, and help foreman report job updates and attendance from the field. We’ve also been improving the overall flow and style of the platform to stay true to our mission of keeping our tools as simple as possible to use. Thanks again to our partners for the critical feedback continuing to evolve our offering.

Jobs Pipeline

Get a big picture view of your jobs and what stage they’re in with Rivet’s Jobs Pipeline view, with the ability to customize stages that work for your business.

Mobile Foreman tools

We’ve enhanced abilities for foreman using the Rivet platform in the field.

  • Foreman users can now see which workers have “checked-in” and which haven’t, and can also check in those workers directly.
  • Foreman users can filter for checked-in workers, or filter for workers by role.
  • Foreman users can also change the status of a job site as the project moves forward.
Foreman Job Status

Trying Rivet for your business is free

We’re looking for contracting businesses willing to pilot our free-trial of the Rivet platform, to give feedback so we can ensure it creates real, measurable value. We’ll make it easy for you to manage your workforce and jobs.

    I represent a contractor business with multiple workers and job sites.