New this week: Login updates, worker roles, job check-in and help center

We’re in our second week since the Rivet Platform launch, and we’ve got new features to share, thanks to feedback from our pilot users and the incredible devs on our team.

We’ve also got new pilot partners! Thanks to everyone trying out the platform and influencing the refined feature set as it grows. We’re making some great, together.

Login with phone number

Workers can log in with phone numbers, not just email addresses. We’ve learned that field workforces don’t always have email addresses.

Worker roles

We launched the ability to assign workers specific roles. In the example below, Alison is being added to a job as Foreman, and she’ll receive instructions on what to do next via mobile push notification. We also added the ability to input individual start date to the work assignment.

Job check-in

The platform now has the ability for workers to check in upon arrival to job sites. When workers check in to job sites, their attendance is recorded in the Job Feed.

Help Center

We launched a Help Center with some quick step-by-step articles if you’re stuck. Call us anytime if you’d like to do onboarding over the phone, too.

Trying Rivet for your business is free

We’re looking for contracting businesses willing to pilot our free-trial of the Rivet platform, to give feedback so we can ensure it creates real, measurable value. We’ll make it easy for you to manage your workforce and jobs.

    I represent a contractor business with multiple workers and job sites.