Rivet’s first release: Dispatch, Jobs and Communication

If you manage a field workforce, then you know how powerful it is to have well-defined and repeatable work processes. Great processes empower teams to work together effortlessly and ensure work moves forward when it should.

But organizing, deploying and communicating with field workers is no simple task. In fact, it’s a massive challenge for companies with multiple jobs and workers and minimal systems to pull everything together. Many field teams struggle with even the most routine workflows, like job assignments and project updates.

To solve these challenges, we’re excited to announce the Rivet Workforce Management Platform, with our first release of key features to bring your workers and jobs online so you can focus on the work that matters.

Deploy workers with digital Dispatch

Adding a worker into the Rivet platform takes seconds. If your workforce is large, we can bulk import a spreadsheet for you to save time. You’ll have instant access to your entire workforce in one place, from any device, from anywhere. Assigning workers to jobs takes only a few clicks, and workers are automatically notified of new jobs.

Assemble your Jobs List

Adding your job details into the Rivet platform is just as simple and complete in minutes. Adding a job to your list creates a Job Home Page, where workers can view all critical details associated with a project. They’ll have access to location and contact info and a Job Feed where project updates and announcements are tracked.

Project managers can use the Job Feed to push mobile updates to workers, and workers can use the feed to post updates, too. With access to the Job Home Page, workers will have clear expectations of start and end dates, project status, site contacts, and other workers assigned to the job.

Communication at its easiest

Notify workers of new jobs or project changes instantly and automatically through the Rivet mobile app. Stop creating dozens of group texts to your crews and job sites. When workers are assigned to jobs in the Rivet platform, they are instantly and automatically notified of the news. Changes to jobs can be sent to one or all workers anytime.


Minutes to bring jobs online


Job Feed post to instantly notify your entire workforce


Clicks to assign workers to jobs


Seconds to bring a worker online

Trying Rivet for your business is free

We’re looking for contracting businesses willing to pilot our free-trial of the Rivet platform, to give feedback so we can ensure it creates real, measurable value. We’ll make it easy for you to manage your workforce and jobs.

    I represent a contractor business with multiple workers and job sites.