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RIVET Work – Customer Success; Manager, Implementation Services

The following is an outline of the Customer Success (CS); Manager, Implementation Services role at RIVET. The document will provide an overview of the role’s org structure, career paths, function, key metrics, compensation, etc.

RIVET’s Customer Success Organizational Structure

RIVET’s CS business segment is here to “build and maintain the Workforce Management (WFM) community in construction.” RIVET’s CS team is broken into three primary functions:

  1. Implementation Services: “focused WFM business-transformations” (on-boarding, integrations, and training/configuration services)
  2. Account Management: “proactive account management to retain and expand business” (renewals, referrals, references, continued account health)
  3. Support: “personal, professional, attentive, and effective customer aid” (assist platform trainings and configurations, bug detection, inquiry resolution)

The Manager, Implementation Services role falls into the Implementations Services function;

The Implementation function of CS is to guide and facilitate a contractor’s WFM business transformation. They are executors of business transformation. In CS, this is the epitome of where WFM-industry-knowledge meets platform-technical-abilities and must rest on top of project management skills. From aiding in identifying a contractor’s initial WFM areas of interest, to discovering additional potential areas of WFM opportunity. The implementation team must identify and align on contractor’s WFM goals, recognize additional WFM-needs to achieve a sustainable business practice, suggest industry-best practices; then orchestrate and guide the contractor down a path to achieve this end-state (solution-sign-off).

The Implementations arm of Customer Success is responsible for the contractor’s experience from time of kick-off call following contract execution (and technically in final stages of the sales process where a contractor is assessing which business- transformation-path makes the most sense for their WFM needs) to the time of “solution-sign-off.” They then document and align with their Account Management counterpart to transition the contractor to a “maintain and retain” phase.

As the contractor decides RIVET has the potential to be a technical fit for their WFM needs, they will need to address the “feasibility” question of this WFM business change/transformation. The Implementation team answers and executes this challenge with professionalism, confidence, and expertise. Implementations is a senior position within CS. They are platform experts, WFM experts, and project management aficionados. The Implementation function is capable of executing or coordinating in-depth WFM business analysis, identification of change value and feasibility, as well as platform trainings and tailoring. They operate on a pipeline-basis; contractors enter their book of business and must progress to a sustainable solution, then another will take their place. The Implementation function of CS is measured in Revenue-services-fulfilled (dollars), contractor adoption (from perception to abandonment of legacy methods), and sustained success (renewals).

Role’s Career Path

The Manager, Implementation Services role is a senior leadership role in Implementations as well as across Customer Success. This role represents an individual who has learned and mastered the functions of the RIVET software. This individual has exposure and adeptness with the construction industry, and even specifically construction-WFM workflows/challenges/best- practices/ideologies/platform-application. This individual is typically past/through their career development in business transformation services, construction operations, and platform knowledge. This individual is likely to continue growing and expanding the professional services, sales acceleration, solution engineering, and Customer Success department(s) as a whole. This individual is responsible for developing and managing the Implementation Managers (individual contributors) as well as ultimately owning the timely and total completion of business transformations (implementations) across the CS organization. This individual is also responsible for coordinating the clean and careful transition of accounts over to their Account Management counterpart in order to prep for retention and renewals. This individual partners with pre-sale revenue leaders to convey the value and sell implementation services. They are also responsible for monitoring Implementation Services’ bandwidth/capacity and aligning with sales on timing and numbers of business transformations. This role typically develops into CS leadership at a broader scale.

Role’s Function

The Manager, Implementation Services role is largely in-office with optional/partial remote-work. Travels are common [0-2 trips per month may be typical] for this role to facilitate key implementations and business-alignment. That being said, this role is also leading those individual contributors and should not be on the road to a degree that inhibits leadership and development of the department as a whole. The following are key competencies and areas of performance/function that the Manager, Implementation Services role will own:

  • Ability to learn and teach software functions to tech-savvy, or tech-illiterate audiences Management of teams
  • Forecasting, reporting, and tracking pipelines of revenue/services
  • Business to business communications, escalations, strategic goals, and alignment Graphics/video/audio utilizations to leverage the resource library
  • RIVET software functionality (platform function/button mastery, what the buttons do & how)
  • Mastery of construction Workforce Management business practices (current and best practices)
  • Master of RIVET software training (convey what various parts of the tool can/cannot do)
  • Adept in RIVET software administrative data configurations
  • Cross-team collaboration (and appropriate escalation) with Sales, Account Management, Product, and Engineering
  • Construction industry adeptness and experience in typical org-structures and WFM workflows
  • Experience to leverage Microsoft tools, CSV data management/manipulation, Notion, CRM/HubSpot, audio/visual production, LucidCharts, DocSend, Loom, etc

Role’s Key Metrics

The key metrics below are the primary measurements of success for the Manager, Implementation Services once trained:

  • Implementation Services NARR Executed and Sold
  • Implementation Services Completion Timelines Implementation Services Adoption/Solution-Sign-Off
  • Customer Logo/Revenue Retention
  • Pre-Sale and Post-Sale Services Forecasting, Timing, and Handoff Alignment (Sales-to-Implementations and Implementations-to-Account-Management)

Nice to have:

  • Construction industry experience
  • Workforce Management experience
  • Project/Change management experience at enterprise business levels
  • Management and team leadership experience


RIVET provides a number of benefits to help you bring your best self to work:

  • Competitive compensation and equity packages
  • Health, dental, and vision insurance
  • 401(k) matching\
  • Employee stock option program
  • Commuter (parking) benefits
  • Vacation and paid holidays

Rivet believes in putting our people first and building a diverse team is at the front of everything that we do. We welcome people from different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. We are an equal opportunity employer and celebrate the diversity of our growing team.

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