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Build Schedules from the Workforce Table

How do I build schedules from the Workforce Table?

1. Navigate to the Workforce page in the left-side Navigation Drawer. Select Schedule Builder from the left-side Navigation Menu.

Schedule from Workforce Table

2. The Schedule Drawer will pop open from the right-hand side of the screen. You then need to choose a job. Select a job from the target job drop down or type it in. Select Continue.

Schedule from Workforce Table - Add Job

3. Select the Workers that you are scheduling. Add a worker from the drop-down menu. You can transfer workers to the job and or edit the schedule of workers that are currently on the job. Select Continue.

Schedule from Workforce Table - Add Workers

3. Build the Schedule for either Standard or Weekend Work. The default days will reflect the days you built out when you created the job, but you have the option to select different days. You can also edit the hours, shift and start time. Select Continue.

Schedule from Workforce Table - Dates

4. Please note that you will also be notified if there is a potential assignment conflict with the workers that you have selected. Would you like to make this a permanent transfer and unassign workers from their current schedule? Or would you like to add this job on top of their current schedule? Select Continue.

Schedule from Workforce Table - Perm or Add

5. You will then be prompted to decide if you would like to clear any overlap in workers’ schedule or double book their assignments. Select Schedule.

Schedule from Workforce Table - Clear or Add

7. Woo! You have successfully built a schedule! You can notify workers of their new assignment or the project team and field leaders of new workers that will be joining their crew via text and or email. Select Finish.

Schedule from Workforce Table - Finish

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