Roster Report

View your Roster Report by the day, week or choose custom dates that span 7 days or less.

Schedule Quick Mode

Save time and skip building a custom schedule with the Schedule Drawer’s Quick Mode. Turn the Quick Mode switch on to adopt the job default schedule starting from today’s date and ending on the job’s end date.

Roster Labor Requests

Easily plan Labor Requests by simply adding placeholder positions to a job card on the Roster Board where workers are needed. Quickly fill requested positions using the same Schedule Builder workflow.

Flags for Transfer

Easily notate a worker that needs to be moved to a new job by flagging them for transfer.

Mark workers absent

Quickly update when workers aren’t available by marking them absent, from the field or from the back office. Single day absences are recorded in profiles for referencing anytime.

Save Custom Views

With Saved Views, you can easily customize your view of the Workforce, Jobs, Equipment, Roster, and Map features. Simply filter and sort to create a view that fits your needs.

Print reports

You can now have many print options in the RIVET app.

Labor Costs

The addition of Labor Costs allows you to monitor your labor utilization on your jobs in real time. You can now add labor rates to your workforce and a total labor budget to your jobs.

Schedule Conflicts

Workers with Schedule Conflicts, meaning multiple assignments with schedules in an overlapping timeframe, now have an icon to alert schedulers of the issue that are viewable in several places in the platform.