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Save Custom Views

How do I save custom views?


With Saved Views, you can easily customize your view of the Workforce, Jobs, Equipment, Roster, and Map features. Simply filter and sort to create a view that fits your needs.

Saved Views

1. Select Roster, Map, Jobs, Workforce, or Equipment from the left side navigation.

2. To create a custom view, apply filters, sorting, or grouping.

3. Select Save View found to the right of Clear Filters and follow the prompt to give your custom view a name.

4. You can find your saved views in the dropdown button to the left of the filters.

5. To update a saved view, choose the view you’d like to update from the dropdown

6. Alter the filters, sorting and/or grouping

7. Next to the name of your custom view in the dropdown, there’s a save option. This will overwrite your saved view with your new settings

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