Welcome to the RIVET team, Jevon Cochran!


Tell us a little about yourself, Jevon!

My name is Jevon, and I’m from Detroit, Michigan. I finished high school in Detroit at Cass Tech and then went to college at UC Berkeley in the Bay Area where I majored in Spanish. I got into working in non-profit and union organizing spaces and was doing that for a while.


How did you get into software development?

Because I was living in the Bay area, I saw the vibrancy and how alive the tech sector was. That really attracted me to that space. I converged that with my interest of wanting to travel more and have more location and financial freedom.

I found out about Lambda School, a 9-month intensive boot camp that was online. They have a model where you don’t pay the school until you get a job, and that made it accessible for me in a way that other programs or bootcamps weren’t. From there, I did Lamba School, I actually moved out of the country so that I could afford it. I went to South America (Brazil), where instead of paying California rent prices, I paid $200/month and that made it so that I could afford taking off from work for a year.

I lived off of my savings and had saved a bunch of money from Uber-ing. I was mainly doing it because I wanted to have emergency funds. The funds gave me the cushion to have the career I wanted to have. It turned out to be amazing opportunity. I learned a lot at Lambda School and got connected to a lot of great people and opportunities.

Why did you join RIVET, and what are you most excited about?

From Lambda School, I heard about a Lambda alum that was working at RIVET, that was Louis. He had posted on Twitter to find people interested in working where the skilled trades converged with tech.

I got connected with Louis because folks saw the tweet that he posted and shared it with me because he was from Detroit. I hadn’t verbalized that I wanted to be back in Detroit, but it was always in the back of my mind. I reached out to Louis, learned more about what RIVET does and the mission and the model and I was bought in almost immediately. The work we do matches up with previously experience I’ve had with folks working in the labor sector. I was really attracted to the passion and the good vibes from the team.

I’m most excited about this being my first foray into the industry and being able to work on the team with other developers and learn new skills and grow in my career. And outside of what I can learn, to be working with a group of individuals who seem really solid and really friendly and just generally good humans.

What do you love about Detroit?

I love the vibrance and the tenacity. I feel like Detroit is a city full of talented people and full of challenges with talented people that have proven time and time again that they can rise above those challenges. I really appreciate being from a community that is rough and tumble like Detroit. People from the Midwest are very easy going, but also very driven and have a certain tenacity that I really respect. It’s an amazing place to be as far as food and culture. I’ve been away for so long, I’m excited to be back home and explore and have a deeper relationship with the community that raised me.

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