Meet RIVET’s Sales Development Representative, Devin Martin


Devin was our first SDR hire and began to make a positive impact on day one. His real-world construction industry experience has proved invaluable, combined with his desire to improve back office workflows with software that solves real labor management problems he’s experienced personally. In his short time here, he’s already assisted with new feature development, marketing messaging and building connections with contractors. Thank you, Devin!

 – The RIVET Team

Tell us a little about yourself, Devin!

I was born and raised here in Michigan. I attended Western Michigan University and graduated with degrees in mathematics and economics. I’ve spent my life working in construction. I worked for my grandpa building custom homes on the west side of the state. I worked my way up as an Assistant Project Manager in carpentry before graduating from college. After college, I worked for Clark Construction out of Lansing, helping manage large commercial projects. After a few years, I moved to HVAC Controls for Limbach Company. My time there was spent managing small and mid-size projects.

The coolest thing about me is my family. I have three sisters: my twin and two younger. More recently, my parents adopted a brother who is turning 5 this year. He is the self-proclaimed, “King of Baseball.”

Tell us about your role as an SDR at RIVET.

As a Sales Development Representative, my job is to reach out to the contractors we would like to do business with. If we are a good fit for their labor management goals, I move them to Brett and Cedric, so they can give a demonstration of RIVET’s capabilities.

Why did you join RIVET, and what are you most excited about?

I joined RIVET because it is a great tool for contractors. During the interview when I was given a demo, I had decided that even if I was not offered the position, I was going to show the software to my boss. I’ve been a daily user of construction software for almost a decade and RIVET really stood out to me.

I’m excited to help get this tool into the hands of more contractors who will save time, money, and the headache of unorganized scheduling.

What do you love about Detroit?

Detroit has always been about hard work and grit; the same traits you need to be successful in construction and in life.

What do you do in your free time?

I love skiing, fishing, mountain biking, and getting on the Great Lakes. Of course, all of those activities are better spent with friends and family.

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