Meet RIVET’s Sales Development Representative, Roberto Sanchez


At RIVET, we’re lucky to have Roberto on our team. Every day, he brings contagious positivity and a work ethic that is second to none. He’s been able to quickly adapt to his role and will be a key member of our team for years to come. Thank you, Roberto!

 – The RIVET Team

Tell us a little about yourself, Roberto!

My name is Roberto Sanchez Jr. and I am a first-generation college grad, the son of Mexican immigrants and born/raised in Southwest Detroit. These things, in combination with many others, make me who I am. In 2017, I graduated from Western International High School and very proud to be a product of our wonderful Detroit Public Schools. After overcoming hardship, I was able to get accepted into the University of Michigan where I acquired my bachelor’s degree in political science. Although it was difficult, I already miss it. The memories and connections I made will stay with me forever. During undergrad, I dedicated a lot of time into my multi-cultural fraternity which constantly supported the community, as well as focusing on my own personal growth. That has not (probably will not) change because I don’t think we should ever stop being curious, skeptical and open to learning.

Tell us about your role as an SDR at RIVET.

As a Sales Development Representative, I am a professional matchmaker. If you have a pain that I can solve, then guess what? We are solving it! My role is simple. I focus on prospecting clients, reaching out and having a conversation to find out how I can benefit their business. Working at RIVET is unique, however, because our product is the cream of the crop, it is hard NOT to be persistent when I know I have the key to unlocking ultimate efficiency. Our digital tool has the capability of transforming companies, and it is my job to let you know. After doing well in sales, but being unsure if it was my calling, our organization has reminded me what that passion feels like.

Things feel like they have come full circle for me as well. After all, I come from a family of laborers. It was not very long ago that I was helping my father with his company – taping, mudding, sanding, and covering properties with beautiful work. Now I get to be the “office guy” except we are planning on benefiting the entire construction industry. Both of my parents are still sacrificing themselves through their daily hard work, but I hope this is not the case for long. And I cannot wait to be a major asset for everyone involved and anyone around me.

Why did you join RIVET, and what are you most excited about?

I joined RIVET because I instantly connected with the team, I felt welcomed, I felt respected, and the positive sentiments only continue to grow. After my last position grew stagnant, my standards evolved and I wanted more. I had heavily explored all my options, but even after receiving offers that I thought I wanted, I felt dissatisfied. Brett Cheaney, my director of sales, reached out at the perfect time and connected me with the rest of the team. Although it was not what I was expecting, I instantly knew I would enjoy being around the team on the daily.

When I learned more about the opportunity at RIVET, it basically cemented the fact that this was going to be my home for a long time. The distinction between working at a Fortune 500 company and being a part of a startup, is a huge one. This huge shift in my career is something I did not even realize I needed until it happened. The entire organization is working together every day and I never imagined having so much input despite being so new. As Cedric Kennedy said on my final interview: “almost seems too good to be true, right?” but it is not… it has only gotten better.

What are you passionate about?

When I get the chance, you’ll catch me geeking out to some video games, dancing away at music festivals, lifting heavy weights or posted at the park with friends. Of course, when the opportunity presents itself, nothing beats traveling. However, I cannot consider myself a true traveler until I have explored a few more places! I have plenty of hobbies and plenty of things I enjoy, but in my opinion, I am a simple man and don’t require too much. Sometimes I’ll hang out with friends with no plans, no ideas, just music and conversation… yet I enjoy myself tremendously. That is what is most important, being happy and I look for that in every day.

More than a passion, I care about family above all else and they are my ‘why’. They are why I wake up, they are why my principals are aligned, they are why I will not go down without a fight and they are why I know I will succeed. I have been asked if they are my motivation, but family supersedes the need for motivation, I am just too determined. I’m only 23 and despite how old that feels at times, I have my whole life ahead of me. That means plenty more opportunity to continue improving, sharing, loving and living life to its fullest capabilities.

What do you love about Detroit?

The aspects I love most about Detroit are easily the culture and people. Different is an understatement because there is a ‘drive’ within our community that most others would be unable to understand. People from the city are used to playing being the underdog, but being the underdog only motivates us. It certainly impacted the way I conduct myself and the grit that I have. Nowadays, there is a noticeable shift in the number of businesses and people coming to Downtown Detroit. With that being said, I think it is important that the entire community of Detroit reaps the benefit– not just one space or sub-section. Regardless, we are the come-up city and without a doubt on our way to the top.

Apart from that, in more literal terms, we have amazing food, sweet cars, awesome nightlife, and plenty of beautiful scenery. You will always have something to do in the city and it’s the main reason why I don’t see myself leaving anytime soon. Sure, everyone wants to move far away from their hometown at some point. But for whatever reason, that is not me yet; especially now that I’m with RIVET. After work, I’ll walk around the block, and I am still finding new spots and things to do on the daily. I enjoy seeing our city grow and I can’t wait to continue carving out my space.

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