Custom Tables with Roster and Equipment Updates

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New: View your Workforce, Jobs and Equipment data the way you want to with Custom Tables. Leverage tag categories to view your crews by location, by skillset or anything important to you. Custom Tables replace the default Workforce, Jobs and Equipment tables, giving you more flexibility to display your data the way you want to.

Updated: Want to see all of your jobs and workers in one place on any given day? That’s Rivet’s Roster. As an update, all job cards now display on the Roster Board, even if they don’t have scheduled workers. Find Job Cards without assignments at the bottom of the Roster Board.

Updated: The Equipment Schedule now displays equipment assignments by job. Sort by active job so that equipment assigned to a jobs and workers on the same job can be grouped together.

Updated: The Jobs Filter on the Roster Board has been updated to include placeholder positions to quickly view assignments in need of workers.

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