How labor schedulers get to work

RIVET is specifically designed for commercial industrial subcontractors

For trade field operations teams

The old way of labor management is simply not working. Labor challenges easily snowball into bigger problems that result in going over budget or timeline. With RIVET, schedulers, project managers, field leaders and crews can come together in a unified workspace for labor planning, coordination and communication.

Match the right workers to the right jobs better and faster with a digital Roster in your pocket.
Project Managers
Build, approve and publish Labor Forecasts, then send labor requests to schedulers in an automated workflow.
Field Leaders
Manage daily rosters, track attendance, request labor and streamline communication with the back office.
Tradesworkers & Crews
Get to work easier. RIVET puts the job site in your pocket, with your schedule, field notes and work instructions at your fingertips.
Equipment Managers
Schedule your inventory the same way you schedule your crews. Assign equipment to workers, vehicles and jobs in RIVET.
Safety Managers
Monitor training schedules and certification expiration dates while staying directly connected to job site timelines and statuses.
IT Directors
Web-based software means no updates or maintenance on your end. RIVET integrates with your cloud systems or ETL data pipelines securely.
Accounting / Payroll
Integrating your workforce and job data with RIVET means you can track labor costs, schedules, availability and absences in real time.

For commercial industrial contractors

RIVET best supports contractors with commercial, industrial or multi-residential projects that typically have longer-term schedules, larger crews and more to juggle.

Coordinate with general contractor master schedules
If you’re a specialty contractor assigned to varying phases and tasks of comprehensive projects, RIVET can be used to track your specific piece of it all, with scheduling for labor and equipment and workforce management.
Manage self perform work and schedules
You’re probably managing varying job schedules that change daily on top of continuously changing site conditions, along with worker issues. RIVET helps balance these ever changing demands by digitally connecting forecasting, managing, scheduling, and allocating labor.
Plan labor for jobs that have yet to begin
Get ahead of schedule and be ready for anything. Build, approve and publish your labor forecast in RIVET, then assign and schedule labor to planned positions. Use automated dispatch templates to get the field ready for work.
Monitor the field in real time
Easily view workers and equipment from any device. RIVET helps you breeze through last minute changes and plan your day around job site locations. Use the map to display job and worker locations in real time and quickly make transfers based on proximity.

For all of the ways construction contractors coordinate labor operations

Labor challenges can be greatly reduced with the right software. The RIVET Labor Ops Platform is  purpose-built for commercial and industrial use cases and is easily configurable to your existing workflows.