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Custom Roles

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Custom Roles

The Rivet platform has 5 permission options. Admin users can add or edit roles with any permission level, and change role names and colors.

Custom Role Manager

The following default roles set at default permission levels:

Default Role Permission Level Permission Description
Admin Admin Manage Organization with the ability to add staff users and all roles.
Scheduler Scheduler Create Jobs and Workers and assign/schedule workers to jobs.
Project Manager Project Leader View/edit all jobs and schedules they are assigned to, with the ability to update job schedules and forecast workers for jobs.
Foreman Foreman Has access to: Assigned Job Pages and all job page features, plus the ability to check in workers to jobs and update job statuses. Does not have the ability to view Job Start and End Dates.
Worker Worker Has access to: Assigned Job Pages with the ability to Check In, view Job Feed and edit Job Tasks. Does not have the ability to post to Job Feed, view the Job End Date or view the Job Roster.

Roles have additional configurations related to jobs:

  • Roles can be made assignable, which enables workers with the role to be assigned to jobs.
  • Roles can be included as default on all new jobs.
  • Roles can be made schedulable, which enables worker with the role to be scheduled on jobs.  

Can roles be deleted?

  • All roles can be deleted except for the admin role.
  • In order to delete a role, you must migrate all impacted workers and job assignments to a new role. This can be done right in the role manager as shown below:

Delete Roles

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