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General FAQs


What is RIVET?  
RIVET is a software platform that manages the scheduling, dispatching, and tracking of your workforce and equipment. It provides freedom through automation of day-to-day tasks and its ability to make changes on the fly to accommodate your schedule. 

How do I use the tool?  
RIVET can be used on your desktop, tablet or phone. The back office can easily schedule labor and equipment and the field workers have instant access to updates in real time. With RIVET, your entire team can be on a job site from anywhere.  

Why should I switch to RIVET? 
RIVET is the first of its kind. The tool combines labor, scheduling, dispatch, field management, and actuals with equipment tracking. It is completely customizable and helps you save costs by making sure that you are getting the most out of your workforce.  

I don’t have a large workforce, why is RIVET for me? 
RIVET provides a digital solution for all your labor and equipment needs. Whether you’re large, small or looking to scale your business, you can leave white boards and spreadsheets behind. With RIVET, you have visibility across your entire company without having to be at the job site. Increased flexibility makes it easier to spend time on what it takes to grow your business. You can instantly see where your workforce is coming and going with the click of a button.  

Does RIVET integrate with other software? 
RIVET will build the needed integration to eliminate redundancies such as double data entry. Please check out Integrations to learn more.  

Is RIVET a subscription-based software? 
Yes, RIVET will set up a reoccurring payment ranging from monthly, annual or multi-year contracts. 

Does RIVET offer Free Trials? 
Yes, RIVET offers a free trial with training and continuous support to ensure that we can make a difference in your day-to-day.

How long does it take to onboard and implement RIVET?
Onboarding and full implementation of RIVET will take roughly 30 days.

How do I get started with RIVET? 
Visit General Inquiries or send an email to and we can get you started! 

What kind of support does RIVET provide?
RIVET is here to help! Check out our Customer Support page to learn how we can best serve you.

What kind of resources do you offer?
Check out RIVET’s Help Center for guided tutorials that walk you through actions in the tool such as adding a worker, creating a job and scheduling your workforce.