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Platform Update 03.30.22

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Release Notes


New: Integrate your RIVET data with your accounting, ERP, CRM or other systems to save time and avoid duplicate data entry. Read-only API access is now configurable by admin users on your organization’s Manage Organization page.

New: Not ready for integration? No duplicate data entry required. Export your RIVET workforce data so you can sync with your other systems.

Updated: Benefit from improved messaging options:

  • Access your in-app messages via the email icon in your RIVET toolbar. This area now includes a shortcut to compose messages to anyone.
  • Messaging crews by job is now available on Job Home Pages. Message today’s crew, or all workers on the job on any date.
  • Composing messages is now tablet-friendly.

New: Onboarding your organization into the RIVET platform is even easier with the Account Status feature. Your customized onboarding and training steps are created by your RIVET Customer Success team member and viewable anytime by admin users in your account’s Manage Organization.

New: Back office users can now search by job number in all RIVET search bars.

Updated: The Roster and the Schedule will load faster than you can spell M-i-s-s-i-s-s-i-p-p-i. 

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