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Step 1: Access your Rivet account

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Step 1: Access your Rivet account

1. Accept your invitation to join the Rivet platform. 

  • Staff-level users have the ability to manage your workforce and jobs, including assigning and communicating with field-level roles. You’ll receive both a text and an email inviting you to the Rivet platform. We recommend using your computer to take advantage of Rivet’s full features, especially during onboarding your account. 
  • Worker-level users have the ability to update personal profiles, check job details and receive push notifications on any work or job site changes. We recommend using your phone to access the Rivet platform. 

2. Click “Create your account” in the email invitation.

You’ll be directed to the Rivet platform log-in screen with your invite code already populated:

3. Click “Register.”

You can access your Rivet account (all user levels) anytime at from your computer or phone.

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