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Step 2: Add your workers

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Step 2: Add your workers

It’s time to take your list of workers online!

Navigate to “Workforce” in the main menu. 

1. Select “Add Profile” and fill in worker profile.

Required fields include: First Name, Last Name, and Mobile Number. 

Note: The Member ID field is for referencing union hall IDs and is not a required field.

2. Navigate to a worker in the Workforce List, and select “Send Invitation” in the expanded worker card.

Selecting “Send Invitation” will send a push notification to the worker inviting them into the Rivet platform. From there, workers can create their own passwords and log in to Rivet. 

If have a large worker list, the Rivet team can import your worker list directly to save you time. Download a spreadsheet template here and return it to You’ll be notified by the Rivet support team when your workforce is available in the platform.

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