Contractors discuss implementing the RIVET platform

“Moving to RIVET has been pretty seamless.”

At RIVET, we lead with empathy. We understand the unique problems specialty contractors face because we’re in constant communication with our customers throughout the implementation process and beyond.

This relationship continuously shapes our Workforce Management platform.

“If there’s something we’d like to incorporate or that we want to see the tool produce for us? We feel listened to,” said Bill DeNet, VP at Tessiers Mechanical Contractors. “There’s a pretty immediate reaction. That makes us feel more like a partner than just a client.”

Westphal and Company Inc’s Director of Construction, Kyle Sutter, agreed.

“We could just tell by the type of people they were,” he said. “The passion they had for the same things we had passion for.”

The prospect of adopting a new software platform can be daunting. It’s a deliberate process with lots of questions from both sides to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

California-based CSI Electrical Contractors started using RIVET early last year.

“Moving to RIVET has been pretty seamless,” said David Pelayo, Director of HR and Technology.

For more, watch the full video below.

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