Construction Is Hard

…but it doesn’t have to be


Construction Is Hard

…but it doesn’t have to be
Episode 1: Better Workforce Management for Specialty Contractors

During the first ever episode of the Construction is Hard Podcast, the crew discusses. How Inconsistent Workforce Management is the norm across construction. It’s not standard to do labor planning for all projects, but it should be.

Episode 2: The WFM Bridge

On this episode of the Construction is Hard podcast, Brian & Gary crack open the basics of the Workforce Management business practice uniquely tailored to self-perform and MEP contractors. With technology evolving in construction, the business practice is evolving too.

Episode 3: Move from “We are in Spreadsheet Hell” to Sustainability

It’s common in construction to find labor coordinators in a stressed position, and that’s usually because they don’t have the right platform. Without technology in place, the people and processes take on the weight. Learn about Gary and Brian’s history in Workforce Management, and how they landed at RIVET to focus on specialty contractors in need of a tool fit to the task.

Episode 4: Workforce Management Pillar 1: Forecast

A deep dive into the first pillar of Workforce Management pillars: Forecast. Forecasting is a hot topic — it seems like everyone is chasing it. Brian & Gary break down forecasting and discuss misconceptions related to mixing up project planning with long-term forecasting.

About the Show

If you have too many overqualified workers, too many construction projects, and too much profit, this show is not for you.

But, if have even an inkling that improving your Workforce Management can improve your specialty contracting business, you’re in the right place.

Welcome to the CONSTRUCTION IS HARD podcast, presented by RIVET.

We cover:

  • How to visualize WFM inside a variety of contractors.
  • How other contractors resolved problems with changing structures, roles, process, and tools.
  • What you can expect to gain, like raising entire company-profit-margins, saved time, and recapturing value from field leaders.


Brian Witt and Gary Fuchs share decades of experience in truly tackling workforce management problems with thousands of contracting businesses, as well as experiences, challenges, and success from contractors across the globe. They also love to share cigars and bourbon 🥃.