RIVET is how construction labor gets to work

Transform the way contractors plan, schedule and deploy crews in one unified platform.

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Who is RIVET for?

RIVET is a web application (app.rivet.work) for Commercial Industrial Construction Contractors, optimizing the many ways field operations teams coordinate labor and equipment.

For trade field operations teams

Schedulers, project managers, field leaders and crews can come together in a unified workspace for labor planning, coordination and communication.

Tailored to the most common workflows

Daily Field Shuffling

Weekly Labor Planning

Labor Forecasting

Location-based Transferring

Workforce Management

Equipment Scheduling

From forecast to schedule to field, in one automated workflow

Build, approve and publish Labor Forecasts and Schedules in a seamless, easy-to-use workflow. Project managers can send labor requests to schedulers, who can then assign crews to placeholder positions, and dispatch job assignments when ready.

Match the right workers to the right jobs better and faster

The key to field assignments is data insights. With all of your employee data, certifications, availability and job assignments in RIVET, you can match labor and skill requirements to optimize crews on a job a whole lot faster. Find available workers local to job sites via real-time mapping.

Simplify communication for everyone

Give everyone you work with – in the back office and the field – a more productive way to communicate. Send automated dispatch instructions as instant text messages, saving hours per week that are typically used handling back-and-forth calls, texts and emails.

Everything you need for planning and coordinating the field

Easily forecast, schedule and deploy crews with RIVET tools.


Project managers can build labor forecasts for their jobs, submit them for approval to labor coordinators and view published labor forecasts.

See how contractors are using RIVET
Easily track changes with Action & Labor Logs
Schedule your Equipment just like your Workforce

Get started with RIVET

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We’ll create a RIVET workspace for you to tinker with in just a few minutes. It’s free to try for teams of any size and best for back office roles involved in labor coordination, field operations and project management.

Take a guided tour

Accept our invite, and a test drive is waiting for you. Click through a guided workflow that shows you how to transform your current planning and scheduling workflows into a live workspace you can access from any device.

Try it out

Import your workers and jobs, or have us do that for you. Talk to us about what integrations you may need and we’ll make sure you’re connected to your ERP, payroll or accounting system so you can sync your data any way you’d like. We’ll review subscription plans that work best for you, and at a value that saves you time and money.