Labor Forecasting

Labor forecasting and planning in RIVET will feel familiar to everyone who uses a manpower scheduling spreadsheet today, but offers so much more

Accurately plan your labor trajectory into the future

RIVET’s customizable Forecast Builder lets your project managers see months and years into the future. Whether you distribute labor evenly throughout the job or curve it for ramp-up and beyond, you can do it here. Then, publish those forecasts so your schedulers can assign crews based on job site needs.

Monitor workforce capacity against current and future labor commitments

RIVET’s Labor Demand Charts are the figurative gas gauge for your road trip from job to job. With our Labor Forecasting tools you can see how much fuel is left on every project and how it’s being used — in real-time.

View real-time labor insights per project or company-wide

Now there’s a way to see how much mileage you’re getting out of your current workforce. RIVET’s Labor Auditing tools put billable hours used, saved and gained at your fingertips.

“Using the forecasting and the projections that RIVET provides has been our biggest excitement factor — to project what we’re going to need in the next couple of weeks and months, if we’re going to have a surplus of labor, if we need to hire new guys and bring them in off the books.

We went from that old-school style of tabulating and hoping for the best to having something that helps us make decisions and prepare for the future.”