Raise the bar on your labor operations

RIVET is a better way to manage labor planning that brings your existing workflows online — revealing a powerful labor operations software with built-in forecasting, scheduling and field communication.

What you can do with RIVET

Establish your workforce system of record

It can be easy to know the right person for every job site. Review qualifications, availability and performance without wasting hours trying to find them. Access worker profiles from anywhere. Leverage custom reports. Filter by employment history and labor costs. Reduce workforce churn and maintain a hiring advantage with RIVET.

Visualize labor demand to build a winning plan

Get visibility of labor trajectory across the organization, making it easy to pinpoint when to hire, reduce labor or bid for more jobs. Win more bids by having a trusted system of record for labor resources and forecasting. Demonstrate that you can staff projects with qualified workers and complete work on time.

Confidently schedule crews and project timelines

Sure, you can continue building job rosters on a spreadsheet or white board. But moving to RIVET’s labor operations software unlocks so much more. Build schedules from a digital Roster Board, on a Gantt or directly on a live Map. RIVET automatically tracks scheduling actions while you work, logs assignment history, buckets labor requests and keeps tabs on your employee bench. Can your spreadsheet do that too?

Labor Scheduling

Reduce administrative burden

It’s almost too easy. Instead of hundreds of calls, emails and texts, use RIVET’s pre-populated, customizable dispatch templates and saved message groups to notify your teams of changes. The boss wants a daily roster report for all jobs in their inbox? Point, click, send it, with RIVET.

Automate Admin Tasks

Integrations let you use the best tool for every job

RIVET integrates with accounting, ERP and payroll apps you’re familiar with, like Sage, Deltek ComputerEase, Foundation and Trimble Viewpoint or Trimble Construction One (formerly Spectrum). Integrations increase ROI for those existing applications, and decrease context-switching for users when you bring them all into our labor operations platform.

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“We’ve looked for similar software for a number of years. The balance of being able to work with us wasn’t there. We kept the big whiteboard with magnets to move people around.

Now with RIVET, our Superintendent can move people on the fly. Instead of a post-it note, or writing on his hand, or making a note in his phone and hoping he move the magnets when he get back, he can pull RIVET up on his phone, move it around, push the guy to the job and it’s automatically updated. Our payroll knows where they are at. If we need to get ahold of somebody, their contact info is right there. It’s what we’ve been looking for and RIVET has done a great job customizing those features for us.”