WFM Weekly: Getting the most out of RIVET Labor Requests

🚨🚨 New feature alert: Labor Requests 🚨🚨

Labor Requests and Notifications are here! With the latest RIVET update, labor coordinators can now make job calls and track their status from virtually anywhere — unlocking powerful communication between the field and back office.

🥃 Holiday Party 🥃

This week the team got together for a slightly belated holiday celebration at Detroit City Distillery where we learned all about spirits and the distillation process. Did you know the difference between “whisky” and “whiskey” is if the spirit’s country of origin has an E in its name? Now you do!

🆕 Labor Requests overview 🆕

The new Labor Requests feature aggregates all your incoming and outgoing Requests in a handy dashboard so you can easily track them in one place. See it in action below 👇

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