“RIVET” Launches Labor Request and Notification Features

January 18, 2024

Detroit-based “RIVET” launches Labor Request and Notifications Features for Specialty Contractors

New features bring real-time job calls and notifications to RIVET’s Workforce Management platform

DETROIT — Software company RIVET (RIVET Work Inc.) announces the release of Labor Requests and Notifications features for its Workforce Management platform. These features enable real-time Labor Requests within the platform from virtually anywhere, unlocking powerful communication between the field and back office.

These new features centralize and manage incoming and outgoing labor requests whether they’re going to a union hall or a merit contractor’s internal bench, standardizing them into automated templates based on the type of request made. ­­

When a labor coordinator makes a Labor Request, the specific details are automatically collected into dispatches pre-populated with relevant info and appropriate recipients. Once a Labor Request has been sent, the back office receives an automated Notification with all the details needed to track, manage and resolve the request and assign the right person for the job.

Requests are then collected into daily and weekly dispatches, giving labor coordinators customization options for both how and how often they want to be notified. Notifications can be sent via email, SMS or within the RIVET platform.

These can also be filtered by job, so labor coordinators can cut through the noise and only receive the Notifications most relevant to their work. Labor Requests are also collected into a handy dashboard, giving the field and back office teams a comprehensive look at their organization’s labor activities.

“Labor Requests and Notifications are huge steps toward how RIVET supports the team approach to labor management,” said RIVET Co-founder and Director of Product Louis Gelinas. “Project managers and field supervisors can communicate their needs to the back office and automatically be notified when they’re filled, all without ever leaving the platform or their phone.

“Now, workforce managers at the office have better tools to track all their outstanding labor demands when they need to go to the union hall or proactively hire to ramp up their workforce.”

Contractors report that access to available qualified labor is their number one concern, and that labor makes up 50 percent or more of their budget. By adopting RIVET for Workforce Management, specialty contractors can streamline their workforce and Labor Requests for major efficiency and productivity gains.

To see how RIVET can transform your specialty contractor business, schedule a demo today.


RIVET (RIVET Work Inc.) is revolutionizing the way the trade connects crews, jobs and skills. The RIVET team is inspired by America’s skilled trades and has decades of experience working alongside the trade in the electrical, automotive and IoT industries.

RIVET is based in Detroit and founded in 2020. To see how RIVET modernizes the construction workforce management experience, visit  www.rivet.work. For general inquiries, contact RIVET by phone at (313) 742-7429 or by email at press@rivet.work.

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