Workforce Management

It can be easy to find the right workers every time. RIVET brings your construction crews online into a powerful workforce management system of record.

Always have the best people

A Workforce Database makes it easy to deploy the right workers to the right jobs.

With RIVET, you can access yours from anywhere, control labor churn and easily spot opportunity areas for each worker.

Easily access qualifications, availability, history, labor rates and performance

RIVET pulls worker data from across your organization – ERP, payroll, spreadsheets – into robust Profiles. RIVET’s profiles automatically track employment history as assignments change.

Custom Reports give you management notes and a place to review any planned absences against job schedules.

Manage workforce requests on a dashboard

The Workforce Requests Dashboard was built to boost your company’s efficiency. From here, you can track and organize Labor Requests in real-time, assign workers and so much more.

Keep certifications and trainings up to date

Want to know which workers have expiring certifications? RIVET provides this to you in a weekly email report. You can filter your entire workforce quickly to see workers sorted by skills, or easily identify gaps in skills. Safety, HR and Scheduling teams come together under one roof for better labor management.

“RIVET has helped with seeing worker availability, real-time rates and composite rates. Whether I’m in the office or on the road visiting job sites, we can see worker locations, certifications, labor rates, phone numbers, address, email, emergency contacts, local unions, and vaccinations are all available with a click of a button.”