Labor Scheduling

RIVET is the ultimate labor scheduling software for construction crews with digital rosters, maps and schedules you can access from anywhere

Labor Scheduling

Host a more effective weekly labor meeting

If your weekly roundtable is a mix of paper shuffling and gut feelings, labor scheduling software can help. Bring your team together around a digital Roster Board with quick access to job and labor stats. The Roster also looks great on your phone, with contact information for your crews built right in. Use Schedule gantts if you prefer a timeline view that looks further into the future.

Plan future positions and today’s assignment transfers with ease

When a forecast is updated, or when discussing labor needs, add placeholder positions and manage labor requests in RIVET. Flag workers for transfer so you know to change their assignments.

See who’s available quickly, then assign them even faster

Match your workforce in an Employee Bench drawer to assignments in your unfilled positions list. Workers with schedule conflicts and planned absences are bucketed for fast reference in RIVET too.

Put your workers and jobs on a map 
to plan assignments by location

Compare your jobs locations to nearby workers with RIVET’s Map. Make smarter assignment decisions based on location. Review bid leads on the map to see available workers nearby. Proving that you have labor in the vicinity of a job can be a decisive factor in winning a bid.

“I use RIVET every day. I use it for scheduling, I use it for transferring guys from job to job. I love the fact that I’m able to pull up an individual’s profile to see what they’re certified in, or where they are orientated so that if a specific job requires additional manpower I’m able to quickly see who has the training or orientation in order to get there.”