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Labor Forecast

How do I use the Labor Forecast?

Build, approve and publish Labor Forecasts in RIVET. The new Labor Forecast view connects planning to scheduling in RIVET. Project managers can build labor forecasts and submit them for approval to labor coordinators in a seamless, easy-to-use workflow. Published forecasts prompt schedulers to assign crews to placeholder positions, then dispatch job assignments when ready.

1. Navigate to the Jobs view and select Forecast from the overhead menu.

You can display the cells in Standard which shows numbers of workers scheduled on the left and forecasted workers in the box on the right. Or you can display a Clean view which shows only scheduled workers in the past and forecasted workers today and in the future. You can also view your data by day or week, and calculate labor forecasted by hours or workers.

Labor Forecast

2. Expand a job by selecting the carrot to reference the job’s number, default schedule, labor hours bid, labor hours forecasted, and percent complete.

3. Looking at the schedule for the forecast, you will see a set of two numbers. The number on the left denotes actual labor scheduled. The number inside of the box on the right indicated forecasted labor needs.

4. Select the 3 vertical dots within a cell to perform additional actions. For example, choose Insert Comment to indicate a specific person that can fill a forecasted position or Fill value to end date to extend your forecast.

5. Once you’ve recorded your forecast, select **Publish** in the top right corner to send to your Schedule and Roster Board. This will prompt schedulers to assign workers to placeholder positions.

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