WFM Weekly: Rostering, RIVET’s Employee Bench

Operations X Rostering 👏

Operations and HR speak different languages. A Workforce Management platform can bring everyone together. Find out how 👇

Workforce Management 101 ✏️

Brian & Gary were in Detroit this week coaching the team on all things labor management so we can better serve our specialty contractor customers.

Workforce Management 101

Imported from Evansville 🧀

Gary brought more than just expert construction operations knowledge from Wisconsin this week — he packed his suitcase full of cheese fresh from America’s Dairyland for a savory team snack too.

Wisconsin cheese during Workforce Management training

RIVET Platform: Employee Bench 🛠️

With RIVET’s Employee Bench feature, it’s easy to see who’s available for a given job at a glance. Check it out below!

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