WFM Weekly: Real-time workforce monitoring made simple

Labor Demand Charts

Monitoring Workforce Capacity and Labor Demand is hard. Speciality contractor superintendents and ops leadership deal with this every day. With RIVET’s intuitive custom dashboards, monitoring your workforce in real-time is super simple.

Project Scheduling vs. Personnel Scheduling

There’s a big difference between project scheduling and personnel scheduling. (tag) Brian Witt and (tag) Gary Fuchs break it down 👇

Women in Construction Week

At RIVET, we’ve proudly named our in-app digital assistant “Rosie.” She’s inspired by the legendary Riveter campaign for working women during World War II. Think of her like the hardworking housekeeper robot from The Jetsons, but for Workforce Management.

  • She notoriously goes the extra mile
  • She’s hardwired to be helpful and caring
  • She provides insights and solutions to make daily life better
  • She represents the the underserved women in skilled trades
  • In the future, she’ll send reminders and help RIVET users predict trends

We want to give a huge shoutout to our own Rosies during Women in Construction Week. They make our team and our platform so much better in countless ways!

That’s not all: Our CMO Alison Accavitti was recognized as one of Michigan’s female founders to know by Purpose Jobs.

Check it out 👉

Left to right: Mariah Hanson, Dana Proudfoot, Danielle Brand, Kaitlin McGowan, Rachel Welch, Brittani Young. Not pictured: Alison Accavitti, Madelyn Hilty, Oksana Kravets, Jessie Tokarczyk, Samantha Marty.

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