The highest risk factor in construction operations is Labor

For specialty contractors, managing people needs as much focus as managing materials and tools

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Where does Workforce Management fit into Field Operations? In the highest risk area of People (Labor).

When it comes to Field Operations, the goal is to support the field by funneling things into projects to be successful. The four key areas are: People (Labor), Materials, Tools & Equipment, and Information.

Big 4 of Field Ops

And if we continue to supply the project with all those needs in a timely fashion, we’re going to be successful, but do a half-ass job on one and it’s gonna cascade through the entire project, and that project is gonna have trouble succeeding. So they’re all equally important, but the most complicated and the most risky is just the People (Labor). This is where Workforce Management slots in. Think of Workforce Management as People Management — the people planning with intentionality and people development across projects.

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Workforce Management: A business practice